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Feedback from buyers! ^^


"...the buttons I ordered arrived safely and they look even better in person and are just the cutest things ever. The prices you charge are very fair... It was a very wonderful experience and I do plan on buying from you again the future! ^^"

"friendly seller, excellent communication - no problems throughout the business transaction. buttons were posted fast (the next day payment was made) and they arrived in excellent condition. CUTEST THINGS EVAR! ♥♥♥ i love them, thanks very much! =D"

"I got the buttons today ^_^ They're awesome. Sarah is a great saleswoman, very kind to customers. Thanks thanks"

"Bought one button (Shige) and it arrived safely. The button is so cute, and the price is reasonable :D Will defnitely buy from you again in the future"

"Really efficient even though I live on the other side of the globe. Transactions are clear for buyers. Very adorable and will be looking forward to future productions of hers. (:"

"Loved the buttons! They were so much bigger than I expected them to be! I will be buying more from you XD"

"Buttons arrived safely & quickly(2 days). Excellent communication & takes requests well. I'm very happy with the way the buttons turned out.^-^ EXTREMELY fair prices. Will definitely buy again."

"I loved the buttons. They arrived so fast. Prices and shipping were very reasonable. I'm looking forward to new buttons. Highly recommend her buttons!"

"I really loved the buttons ^^ And ... I'm impressed you sent them so soon after I paid ^^ The buttons are really really really cute and I love them~ thank you very much! ^^"

"Items ARRIVED safely. Was very EXCITED. Love it very much. Will BUY more in the FUTURE. BUY BUY BUY!!!..."

"thanks soo much my young song booklet came very quickly and the price was not expensive. I was soo excited to get it! yay!~!!!!1 <333 awesome seller!"

"...They're so much cuter in real life than I imagined!! I love them so much~ TOTALLY BUY. Seller is friendly and helpful and her buttons are adorable and cheap!!"

"My first time buying online and glad that it went well~ ^_^ My button arrived safely and suprised that you packaged so carefully.. the button was soo kawaii~!! XD friendly user and fair prices~ thanks ne.. ^_^"

"I had asked for SS501 buttons to be made and she was so eager and quick in response. We worked together to make sure they all looked wonderful and the shipment came much quicker than I had imagined. They look even better in person than in the photos! ... If you don't see any buttons you like, all you have to do is ask and you shall receive! Amazing <3 If I need anymore, I know who to go to!"

"The buttons arrived safely and they're so cute! ^^ Fast shipping & careful packaging. Also, Sarah is a very friendly person :) No complaints at all."

"Despite some miscommunications , I really still enjoy buying buttons from you :D wouldn't trade it with anyone else in the world for that <3"
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